Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is essential if you are to retain a happy and productive workforce.

We provide services to help you become health and disability confident to access the best from the widest resource pool available.

Our Workplace Well-being Package includes:

Self Assessment

Discover where your business is doing well in terms of health and disability awareness, so you can plan the best next steps to support the wellbeing of existing employees and provide an environment that attracts the best people.


NOW OFFERED ON-LINE https://tudorroseservices.co.uk/workplace-wellbeing-package/

Through our workshops, we help to raise staff awareness. We also share guidance, tips, and personal experience as part your organisations’ employment support and wellbeing.

1 to 1 Coaching

We support employees/clients individually with 1 to 1 coaching as appropriate. Find out more about out 1 to 1 coaching here.

Next Steps

If you think our support offer might be just what you are looking for, contact us now to find out more.