A client self-referred to us after experiencing symptoms they related to depression, stress and anxiety. They felt they were being more argumentative and moodier.

Our client had lost their motivation and confidence and was off sick, after having a stroke 6 months earlier. They were also finding it very challenging to concentrate. Their cognitive ability was a lot lower, which affected their confidence and self-esteem. They used to sing and be very jovial with colleagues, but that was no longer the case.

We put them in touch with their local stroke association who assessed their needs and made changes in their home so that they could manage better. They also had physiotherapy and have now completed the course and been discharged.

"Talking to Jane gave me the confidence to approach my supervisor and explain the situation. Jane has got me back on track and given me the confidence to explain to others so they can understand and work through things together"

Our client was able to return to work. We supported them in communicating their needs to their employer, who was very supportive, recently offering them a full-time position.

As with many of our clients, there were other issues which were affecting them. On this occasion, our client was having issues with long-term benefits which were affecting their housing security. We provided them with the right contact details to progress this. Their housing is now secure although the benefits issue is still ongoing This has relieved them of significant stress and they are able to concentrate on their work and life.

Throughout, helping them to plan a way forward, was a major part in reducing their stress and anxiety and lifting their mood, enabling them to return to their usual positive self at work.

If you, or anyone you know, would benefit from similar support, please get in touch to find out more.