What is Access to Work?

Access to Work is a Government grant scheme that supports employees with disabilities or additional requirements with the cost of specialist equipment or adaptations to overcome any work related barriers. The scheme is run through the Job Centre.

Hi I’m Jane and I will be one of your guides through this workshop.

With a background in education and employment, a wealth of experience coaching employees to balance their health issues and disabilities with work, and also with a disability myself, I have had to balance my own health and work.

And I’m Sue.

I have a passion for freeing people from the limiting beliefs around their own abilities which are holding them back.

I qualified as a coach in 2015 after a varied career in the public sector and as a consultant.

Finally receiving a dyspraxia diagnosis in adulthood led me to reflect on ways this has affected me in ways I didn’t recognise throughout my life.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say…

Thanks to Jane who came over to help me with my… errrr… memory problems. My short term memory is shocking.

She has given me some great tips on using various tools that I already had to help me

Julie Gelder

Topaz Health & Safety

No drug can have an effect that comes anywhere near the calming and joyful effect of a listening ear and helpful effort on an unsettled person.

Private Client

The service you provide sounds wonderful.

Worthwhile work! 

Tallentire Consultancy Ltd

…It was nice having all the advice. 

Private Client

What will Access to Work pay for?


  • An assessment at work to see what additional equipment or support an employee might need.
  • Specialised equipment such as speech/text software and training
  • Workplace coaching to identify coping strategies
  • Extra transport costs where public transport is not available or suitable.

Sign up for this Webinar and you will:

Build your health and disability confidence and help overcome any fears

Reduce employee stress and anxiety

Reduce sickness absences

Retain a valuable workforce with your employees feeling understood and cared for

Build your reputation as a well-being, inclusive employer

Why choose our Workshop?

We are different from other providers in that we offer practical, workable solutions for both employer and employee, stemming from lived experience and professional knowledge and experience.

All this for just £95.00